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Why the NOISE ORDINANCE? In 2008 the Twp did a survey of residents of all types of questions about what they wanted for the future of our Twp. One of the overwhelming issues was noise. Also the planning Commission reviewed the Heath Township Comprehensive Plan which the Twp Supervisors approved and thus the NOISE ORDINANCE. The residents want our Twp to be free of commercial and industrial growth and remain a rural and recreational area that is free of noise. Basically if you can not do it at where you live it is Illegal here also.


The NOISE ORDINANCE eliminates a lot of that growth. Examples would be prohibiting Sawmills, Loud Music, Barking Dogs, Motorized Amusements, Vehicle Race Tracks, Junk Yards, Jake Brakes, Marcellus Well Drilling and any other loud noise creating issues. After a warning there are penalties of daily fines and imprisonment.


Copies of this ordinance are available from the Twp secretary at costs of copying and postage or viewed free at the Jefferson County Courthouse Law Library.


Thank You for your cooperation in this matter & enjoy what Heath Township has to offer.